NEO is an investment partner that finds outstanding European brands and helps them to expand into international markets


NEO has built a multinational team of remarkable and talented people who share the same passion for partnering with visionary entrepreneurs to transform their businesses into successful global brands. We are a multicultural team - we speak 10 languages collectively - and with more than 50 years of investment experience between us and extensive knowledge of brand building in most regions of the world. We aim to provide Europe's most exciting brands with the partnership they need to take on the world.

We are expert brand investors and builders; but we could not work successfully alongside brand founders without also having a talent for hearing and understanding their stories, respecting and enjoying their creativity and supporting them and their teams with total involvement and a commitment to excellence and integrity in everything we do.

"At NEO we have always been awed by the extraordinary ability of visionary entrepreneurs to create an irresistible desire for their brand, reaching out to a 'tribe' of consumers who all share many of the same values and aspire to a specific lifestyle, no matter where they live. There is always so much to learn when you have the privilege of working alongside such creative and talented people. This is why I founded NEO, and why I encourage our team to excel at growing brands strictly within their unique DNA, and backing the entrepreneurs and managers who created those brands to reach out to new consumers worldwide."

David Belhassen, Founder and Managing Partner, NEO Investment Partners